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Coslys Toothpaste gel for sensitive teeth & gums Intense Freshness - Mint, fluoride free 75ml

Coslys Toothpaste gel for sensitive teeth & gums Intense Freshness - Mint, fluoride free 75ml

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A complete formula to take care of sensitive teeth and gums.

Red, puffy, painful gums that often bleed... Teeth sensitive to heat or cold, consumption of sugar, acid substances or even to simple contact with a toothbrush... These problems are caused by the action of bacterial plaque: bacteria constantly deposits itself of the teeth, forming a colourless, sticky coat as it accumulates.

Coslys toothpaste gel for sensitive teeth and gums uses a unique technology, allowing it to combine the natural benefits of trace elements and minerals to a formula with basic pH. This combination is a source of well being.

-Minerals and trace elements: bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium to reduce bleeding, soothe and heal inflammations and irritations.They also naturally remineralise the teeth and strengthen the enamel.
-Strontium: a mineral that helps reduce the sensitivity of teeth. It attaches itself to the dentin tubuli and "seals" the cracks that may appear.
-A formula with basic pH: the sugars in foods change into acids under the action of the bacteria present in the mouth. These acids attack and erode the enamel. With an 8.1 pH, Coslys toothpaste gel rebalances the oral pH and prevents these acid attacks.
-A very gentle, non-abrasive gel that preserves the enamel and teeth.
-Intense freshness with a natural mint flavour, compatible with homeopathic treatments. Just wait 15 to 20 minutes after taking your treatment to brush your teeth.
-Free of SLS and fluoride.

Brand : Coslys

Aqua (water), sorbitol, glycerin* (organic vegetable glycerin), silica (thickener), sodium carboxymethylcellulose (gelling agent), decyl glucoside (non ionic surfactant derived from coconut and glucose), aroma (100% natural mint flavour), sodium benzoate (preservative), sodium hydroxyde (pH regulator), limonene, linalool (compounds naturally present in the essential oils), stevia rebaudiana extract (natural sweetener).
*Ingredients from organic farming
99.474% of total ingredients are from natural origin
99% of plant ingredients are from organic farming
+20% of total ingredients are from organic farming

Use: Use everyday 3 times a day, or as an oral gel for topical treatment.
After each meal, apply with a supple toothbrush. Rinse with clear water. For topical treatment, apply directly on the sensitive areas of the gums after brushing. Rinse with clear water.

Organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT
Labeled Cosmebio
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