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Herbier De France Lime tree sapwood 50g

Herbier De France Lime tree sapwood 50g

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Size 50 gr
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Tilia platyphyllos

You can easily find on the Internet a way to make a very strong and very long rope from the bark of Tilia cordata, lime tree, as was done three thousand years ago.

Lime tree has other uses: Plant one! It is a beautiful tree that grows fairly quickly. But plan a lot of space: as it can grow up to 40 meters high!

And of course you will enjoy a cup of lime tree infusion if you have trouble falling asleep. For nervous children, it can also be used as a bath (1.5 cups of flowers, brewed in 1L of water and added to bathwater).

It is also used to treat colds in children: put the patient in bed at the first symptoms, and make him drink 3-4 cups a day of lime tree flowers and elderberry infusion, with honey.

The lime tree sapwood is taken from the wild lime tree (Tilia sylvestris). It is a "miracle cure" for rheumatism, because it has a beneficial action on renal elimination, as well as the liver and gallbladder, and stimulates bile evacuation. Its draining action helps to fight against the creation of uric acid crystals and liver stones, which it helps to evacuate. It has shown a positive effect on sciatica. Overall it is a valuable ally to clean the body.

Sapwood: 3g (2 tsp.) per cup, as a decoction.